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Sprinkles On The Finger Lakes

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Pink Zebra is a new and innovative direct sales company, primarily focused on the sale of home fragrances. The motto of this company is, "Change your fragrance, change lives!". The founders of this company chose Pink Zebra as it's name to embellish the idea of pink being the color of empowering women and the zebra's stripes as a resemblance of the individuality and uniqueness of their products and each consultant embracing this network marketing business opportunity.

The products sold in this company range from candles to soaps, as well as their own patent pending reed diffusers, and signature product sprinkles. Sprinkles are wax bits that, when melted down in an electric warmer, give off an impressive amount of fragrance. They are offered in a wide array of scents and have the ability to be "mixed and matched" to create one's own personal fragrance.  Recipes make this unique and one of the best network marketing companies to work with.  

The wax used in Pink Zebra's products is a blend of Soft Soy and paraffin. This wax comes from the soybean and Pink Zebra uses soybeans grown right here in the United States, by U.S. farmers! The benefits of using such a wax include a lower burning and melting point (reducing the amount of burns possible from hot wax), increased scent life (up to 30% longer than their competitor's products), and no carcinogens are released into the air when the products are used. All in all, these products are cleaner, safer, and more earth friendly than products previously introduced into the world of direct sales and online business ideas!

Pink Zebra is a Party Plan Company.  We rely on and reward our Hosts with FREE Products.  

Parties are EZPZ with us!  I am happy to come into your home and do a traditional party with your friends.  I also offer baskets parties where I can send you off with a basket of samples, catalogs, order forms and all the information you need to share Pink Zebra with your friends and family on your own schedule.  Keeping up with the times, I'm always happy to set you up and coach you through a virtual party usingFacebook.  Every Pink Zebra party is as unique as a zebra's stripes, let me know what works for you!

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